Current Projects

Tanzania – Misigiyo Maasai

In December of 2011, Laura Ash moved to Tanzania with her family in hopes to light the country with solar energy. A few months later the small family went on a safari and ended up at Kirurumu lodge above Lake Manyara in the Great Rift Valley. There, Laura went on a plant walk with a Maasai herbalist. After that walk, and a plethora of questions, the herbalist asked Laura to help him document his traditional medicine knowledge.

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Mexico – Nabitos (Brassica rapa)

Mexico is home to some of the highest biological and cultural diversity in the world.

Mexico’s more than 68 different cultural groups engage in an array of practices to manage local wild plant resources. By transporting, protecting, sparing, and encouraging otherwise wild plants, the productivity and availability of those resources can be increased.

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