We seek to work with organizations, international and domestic companies, and nonprofits to support anti-oppressive actions and speech, creating an inclusive work environment for all people of color and indigenous people, reducing the negative effects of colonization and white privilege.

HAVOC 3-day Training

  • Introduce respect for individual identities
  • Multi-cultural work dynamics
  • Cultural sensitivity and competency
  • Decolonization concepts within an organization
  • Group led simulations of oppressive behavior with positive solutions
  • Listening and being present with co-workers and leaders
  • Bringing anti-oppressive language and behavior into practice

Site study:

After the initial 3-day training, at your company’s request, a site study at your place of business can be implemented to make aware of the impact of your company on the local community. This includes, but not limited to:

    • Ecological impact on the flora and fauna
    • Human impact – how the local community has interacted with the land – i.e. food sovereignty, land sovereignty, sacred lands, herbal medicine sites, and stories
    • Traditional knowledge documentation of the people currently residing at or near the site
    • Mediation between the local people and the company leadership
    • Cross-cultural conversations with the local community


Once a site study has been completed, a report will be drafted to include suggestions for your company how to best suit the local people and environment, moving forward with best intentions for the company and community at large. This report will include, but not limited to:

  • Site construction location recommended by the local community
  • Food Systems Analysis – providing food for the company and local population
  • Traditional Language Preservation – how to encourage traditional language to be spoken at and around the company workplace
  • Local Advocate and Indigenous Manager recommendations – who in the community is the right liaison for your company and the community at large
  • Cultural Competency Manuals – Simple Drafts for your company’s stakeholders to understand the community to be respectful in all of your endeavors


  • After the report you can choose to move forward to have a HAVOC consultant work with you and your community on the ground, aiding in the building of a symbiotic relationship between your company and the local community members. This consultant would be trained in many modalities, and chosen to fit your specific needs. Our consultants are professionals with specialties in; cultural anthropology, ethnobotany, environmental remediation, conservation, linguistics, herbal medicine, cross-cultural communication, community engagement, to name a few.

Please contact Laura Ash at Herbal Anthropology Project for more information: laura@herbalanthropology.org