Huichol Herbarium and New Updates

We are simply ecstatic to re-introduce our blog and website after a long period of internal growth and development. Our intention here is to provide you with weekly Herbal Anthropology Project (HAP) updates, an insider view of our current projects, and open a deeper conversation about foundational topics to our mission. And of course, if there are any questions or ideas you have for us too – send them our way! We would love to provide more detail, another frame of view, start a conversation, or offer valuable sources where more information can be found. Over the coming months, we hope to provide more resources so our supporters have a deeper understanding and connection with what HAP is doing and what we are really about.

So what have we been up to after all? Well for starters, our website is still undergoing a major re-design. Starting with the re-introduction of our blog here, keep exploring the site and watching for changes and content additions soon. As for our current projects, most of our team energy is presently being poured into our latest community partnership with the Huichol Center for Cultural Survival (near Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico), to support them in creating the first Indigenous-led herbarium! We are hosting “Medicinas Mexicanas – a fundraiser for the preservation of traditional knowledge of the Huichol people of central Mexico”, October 1, 2016 in Austin, Texas. Now I know this is just a rough sketch of what our current status is and you might have a dozen questions already, “Who are the Huichol? What is a herbarium?”; stay posted next week for more details on this project in our next blog. You can also learn more in our Current Projects page.

It is truly important to us to stay connected with those who support our vision and mission since we could not exist without your support! Thank you to all who have donated to HAP to directly support the preservation of traditional medicines around the globe. If you believe in HAP’s mission, we encourage you to spread the word so others can know what we do too. Share our website, current projects pageFacebook page, or even our blog posts with anyone you think might be inspired, curious, or supportive of our cause. And of course, your feedback and comments are greatly appreciated (the good, bad, and beautifully ugly), so please feel free to comment on any post here or send us a private message through our contact form.

Thank you for helping preserve traditional medicines across the globe and support the people who safeguard them.

Love, the HAP team

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