MindBody Sol Conference in NYC

by Nikki Hare

Last weekend, Herbal Anthropology Project and Bespoke Teas had the opportunity to attend MindBody Connect’s yoga and Ayurveda conference in NYC. This conference was full of enthusiasm and high spirits, with endorphins exuding from all the yogis around us. We had the pleasure of connecting with companies, KeVita and Chia Star, both of which have nutritious and delicious products. Personally, my favorite Chia Star drink was Peach Green Tea. It was light and refreshing and it fed my green tea addiction. Throughout the day I’m sure that I consumed my weekly intake of chia seeds. KeVita gave me my daily dose of probiotics in the form of delicious fermented beverages. My favorite KeVita product was their cleansing lemon cayenne and I could quickly tell that toxins were being pulled out of my system. Get those toxins out!

We also had the opportunity to connect with Om in the City Yoga, a fabulous organization staffed with amazing people! Their passion for encouraging yoga anywhere through pop-up yoga classes was inspiring and powerful. As someone who is also interested in corporate wellness it was great to see that this group was having such a positive impact on their community.

Yogi Beans was a fabulous neighboring table who provided enthusiasm throughout the entire day. Being surrounded by their positive energy and encouragement of children’s yoga was a great experience and we cannot wait to see the benefits of children’s yoga come to fruition in New York City.

Finally we were honored to share a space with Namaste World and Room to Read’s Yoga Benefit, Yoga Gives Back and Urban Zen. These organizations are doing incredible work, supporting communities around the globe using various platforms such as yoga to diminish poverty as well as provide support to communities to preserve cultures.

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