The Beginning of an Era

Hello Herbal Anthropology Project (HAP) supporters and enthusiasts!

Protecting and Safeguarding traditional medicine is the point and the passion of the team here at HAP. We are all here to support the keepers of the knowledge, the people holding the traditions that make us connected as a human family. Only when we lose precious gems do we cherish what has been lost.

And they are being lost. With oral language these vital traditional medicine traditions are disappearing faster than any one organization can support. We need more people, more government policy, more NGO’s, more passionate individuals to go out and talk to one another, to their elders, crones, and story tellers. We need to help them write these down, and then remember them. It doesn’t matter if you feel like you can use this knowledge, it is vital to keep it as a history, as a lesson of how things once were. Maybe your great-great-great grandchild will want to know all of these things. They will cherish you for taking the time to keep a story, or even a remedy that may help heal a disorder someday. It’s for them that we write this down.

So I encourage you to support HAP by reading, staying for a while, and keeping us in your hearts as you move through modern life, as you sit next to an old tree that will never forget where it came from or it would not be standing.

Blessed journeys.

xo Laura

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